Don’t get a pet if you can’t imagine being attached to it for at least 15 years.

I really hate seeing all these post of people with their adorable kitten(s) when I know in 6 months they will be posting pictures of a new kitten(s). Breaks my freaking heart. Especially when they have had 10 or more since I’ve known them. Spay/neuter your fucking pets people. Then they wouldn’t “run off” or bring 100,000,000 unwanted kittens into this world! You are just making my fucking job harder. I can’t even keep friends anymore because I can’t stand how much lack of respect for a life everyone has.

All of my cats are going on 3-5 years. Yes this is something to brag about..

tagged as: rant. spay. neuter. stop being a horrible pet owner.

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